Top Five Foods for a Healthy Set of Teeth

Taking care of your teeth doesn’t just involve brushing twice a day and flossing regularly. You also need to ensure you’re eating the right foods too. Certain foods can damage your teeth but there are also plenty of foods that can help keep your teeth healthy and white!

1. Celery

Raw vegetables are always good for your teeth as they normally take a lot of chewing which causes lots of saliva to be produced. Celery is particularly good for your teeth because it breaks into thin fibrous strands which help to naturally clean your teeth.

2. Pears

Fresh fruit is not only great for your diet but for your teeth also. Pears in particular are an excellent choice as they have a higher acid neutralizing effect on your teeth.

3. Cheese

Although consuming large amounts of cheese isn’t good for your diet, dairy products such as cheese can help keep your teeth healthy. It’s low in sugar and high in calcium – it also contains casein which is great for fortifying the surface of your teeth.

4. Sugar Free Gum

Although sweets and gum are normally frowned upon by dentists, sugar free gun contains Xylitol which in effect is the anti-sugar product. It stops the harmful bacteria in plaque metabolizing sugar which would normally produce nasty acids that degrade tooth enamel.

5. Nuts

Nuts can provide essential vitamins and minerals for your teeth. Almonds, cashews, peanuts and walnuts are all full of nutty goodness.

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