Q: Will Teeth Whitening Harm My Teeth?

A: The first bleaching treatments were fairly harsh and softened and damaged the tooth enamel, sometimes leaving them looking worse than they did at the start of treatment. Kinder, gentler modern bleaches and chemicals have not been found to harm teeth, although sometimes tooth sensitivity is reported after treatment, even by people who have never suffered from sensitivity before.

Consult one of our dental professionals before trying any treatment, as they will know how to whiten teeth safely and can advise you how to go about it safely

Q: How Long Does Teeth Whitening Take?

A: In-chair whitening, which is when the dentist applies the gel to your teeth for you, is usually done in sessions lasting anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour. Usually you will need two or three sessions altogether, but at Butterfly Dental we throw in a fourth session, to help the effects of the treatment last longer.

You can also choose to whiten you teeth at home. Your dentist will provide you will a personalised tray, fitted to your teeth, which you will use to apply a bleaching gel to your teeth.

This must be done for an hour a day for ten to fourteen days, but the results can be very good indeed. Butterfly Dental will provide you with extra gel, should your teeth need a top-up treatment later on. Some home treatments can be worn for up to eight hours or overnight, which can achieve very rapid results.


Q: How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

A: Unfortunately some foods will begin to stain your teeth again as soon as you eat them, so it is best to avoid blackcurrants, coffee and red wine after tooth whitening treatments. If you are a smoker it is best to try and give up before having your teeth whitened as the smoke will immediately discolour the tooth’s surface, undoing all the whitening work.

If you avoid foods that stain your teeth, the whitening effect can last anywhere from one to three years, at which point the treatment can be repeated if necessary.


Q: What Chemicals Are Used In Teeth Whitening?

A: The active ingredients in tooth whitening products are usually hydrogen peroxide which can be up to a 6% strength or carbamide peroxide in solutions of up to 10% strength.

If you have any more questions about tooth whitening give us a give today! As our name implies Butterfly Dental can help you break out of the chrysalis of doubt and help you become the confident and attractive person that you are inside.