Interest Free Dental Treatment Loans in Manchester To Help You Avoid Any Barriers To That Perfect Smile


Everyone deserves to be able to feel confident and happy in themselves, and have that perfect smile they've always dreamed about. We all hate thinking about money, so at Butterfly Dental we’ve teamed up with leading finance provider V12 Personal Finance Ltd., to give our clients a chance to undergo one of our life-changing treatments, without having to pay a penny up front.

With V12 Personal Finance Ltd. and their vast experience in providing finance loans, you don't need to fret or worry about expensive dental treatments in Cheshire. Our patients can apply to undergo a dental treatment with ourselves on a 0% interest finance plan, which would be provided by V12. We’ll take your details and process your application with V12 and let you know straight away if your application has been accepted. You will be able to undergo Butterfly Dental Treatment without even having to pay a deposit, and then spread the cost of your treatment over an agreed term, paying V12 a minimum payment of £40 per month. As long as you pay on time every month no interest at all will be charged for the treatment.

Whether you’re looking for dental implants to mask a missing tooth, dentures, contouring or a full mouth reconstruction, a dental treatment loan is a great way to get that perfect smile, and healthy mouth which you've always wanted, without having to pay an up-front charge. Boost your confidence with a true smile in a way you can afford with a simple, manageable finance plan, that doesn't leave you frowning behind that new smile.

With V12’s years of experience in providing personal finance and our dentists’ qualifications and expertise in carrying out comprehensive dental treatments across Hale and Altrincham, you really can believe in not worrying. Don’t wait any longer for the perfect smile. For more information, please get in touch on 0161 941 2048 or contact us online.

Smile on the inside too, not just the outside.