Six Month Smiles

What we offer

At Butterfly Dental in Manchester, we meet many adult patients who feel self-conscious about their smiles. Their teeth might be crooked, crowded, or one or two teeth are out of position, and they just aren’t happy with how they look. These patients would love a quick, safe and simple solution to their problem, which fits perfectly with their lifestyle – a solution that Butterfly Dental can offer with Six Month Smiles. The Six Month Smiles plan attracts patients from all across Hale, Altrincham and Cheshire, because it’s designed to effectively straighten and align your teeth to leave you with a more confident smile, all in six months or less. Unlike conventional braces, which can be unattractive and take years to have an effect, Six Month Smiles uses clear braces which are barely visible once in position, and which you can trust to transform your smile quickly and safely.

The perfect way to build your confidence and self esteem

We understand that confidence is one of the biggest motivations for patients seeking orthodontic treatment in Manchester, but that wearing conventional braces for years can be a daunting prospect. Instead of feeling self-conscious about wearing braces, the subtle, barely-there braces used as part of the Six Month Smiles treatment will help you to feel more confident, even when your treatment is still ongoing.

Butterfly Dental are a fully accredited provider of this popular treatment, and our team have extensive experience of helping our patients to regain their confidence through Six Month Smiles. Safe, effective and affordable, we recommend this treatment as a great alternative to conventional braces, and as an orthodontic solution which will complement your lifestyle.

If you are looking for long-term confidence without long-term dental treatment in Altrincham, Six Month Smiles could be the solution you have been searching for, and just the thing you need to have you smiling at everyone who walks past you, just because you can. 

Six Month Smiles FAQs

If you’re looking for a fast and discreet way of straightening your teeth, Six Month Smiles could be for you.

We also offer other teeth straightening options including Invisalign®.

To discuss anything related to our treatments including prices and finance options, send us a message on our contact page. You can also get in touch with us via social media or calling the practice on 0161 941 2048.

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